Acre Phishing Training

Improve security with phishing simulation and training for employees.

What is Acre Phishing Training?

Acre Phishing Training is a training program which helps identify who amongst your staff is vulnerable to phishing attacks and also provides those staff members with training resources. These training resources will help staff identify phishing attacks and avoid them in the future.

How Does it Work?

Acre Phishing Training will send out emails to your staff members. These emails will look like your typical hoax email, each email will have several hyperlinks just asking to be clicked on! If a vulnerable staff member clicks on any of these hyperlinks they will be redirected to a web page informing them that they have fallen for a Phishing attack.

Below is an example of a typical hoax email sent via Acre Phishing Training

Acre Technologies - Phishing Box training phishing email 1
Acre Technologies - Phishing Box training phishing email 2

The web page will notify the staff member that they’ve been phished. Identifying who is vulnerable to phishing attacks is helpful but Acre Phishing Training takes things one step further. Each time the Phishing page loads for a staff member not only will they be notified that they have fallen for a Phishing email but they will also be provided with training resources on the same page. This includes tips on how to avoid Phishing scams, training videos and a training quiz.

Example of a Acre Phishing Training web page. The staff member will see this page if they click any dubious links within the phishing email

Acre Technologies - Phishing Box template

If someone does click on any of the links within the phishing emails they will also receive a legitimate email from us. The email will outline how the staff can access the Acre Phishing Training materials

Acre Technologies - Phishing Box template

How does Acre Phishing Training benefit your business?

It can be difficult for people to put their hands up and say, ‘I was a victim of a Phishing attack’. Those victims can be reluctant to talk about it with their peers and often they will continue to fall for these exploitative scams.

Acre Phishing Training benefits your business by:

  • Identifying staff who are clicking on Phishing emails
  • Providing training resources for staff e.g. tips, educational videos and quizzes
  • Prevents and reduces future Phishing attacks