VOIP and Fibre

Acre Technologies Offers Complete VOIP Telephony Systems and Fibre Solutions

As a registered ISP, Acre Technologies provide reliable Fibre and VOIP telephony solutions to businesses across New Zealand. Fast connections, prioritizing voice traffic and understanding that quality and reliability in communications is paramount to businesses and institutions.

Reduced Costs - Enhanced Productivity - Premium Features

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol, uses the Internet to provide a professional, full featured business phone solution fit for a modern workspace.

All inclusive packages give you certainty over your phone and internet costs.

Acre Technologies will find the solution that will best fit your business needs. Do you need take Conference phone calls? Need reception phones with forwarding and auto forwarding to desk and cordless phones? Multiple DDI (Direct Dial-In) Lines? Is email notification for calls requiredx? We'll help you ask the right questions to provide the proper solution.

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Customer Case Study

"As a Health Care facility that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, uninterrupted and simple to use ICT is imperative. Acre’s work to upgrade our phone system to a more reliable, fit for purpose and well supported set up has made such a difference to our day to day operations. Phones are now the last thing on our minds and we can focus on our service delivery.

We were offered different options for hardware, software and payment, so we could select to suit our functional needs and budget. The transition was carried out in stages to minimise disruption and the appropriate training was given to staff. Our new set up is simpler from a user perspective and has been configured to make use of added value functionality, such as door cameras.

When we enquire about additions to our network we are always provided with quotes and options. Not only is our ICT network more reliable, it is well supported. Acre liaise with our suppliers for us, a service which is included in our support contract, and when we call for support, advice or information the phone is always answered by a human and the response is always professional and friendly.

The service and support we receive from Acre allows us to focus on delivering a supportive community service without worrying about ICT. We have never looked back."

Traci Fricker - Bethlehem Birthing Centre

The Benefits of VOIP for your Business...

  • Complete Integrated Business Phone Solution

  • Save money on phone bills

  • Productivity Features – both in Office and out of Office.

  • Scalable. The VOIP Internet Phone System can be re-tailored to suit your needs – add new lines, extensions, outgoing lines, DDI’s and features easily without completely replacing or upgrading the entire VOIP system.

  • Never miss a call, with multiple DDIs, Concurrent Calling, and Call Forwarding.

VOIP Features

  • Multiple DDIs.

  • Multiple site deployments – perfect for nationwide branches.

  • Multiple extensions.

  • Concurrent Calling.

  • Voice-mail.

  • Multiple outgoing lines.

  • Auto Attend.

  • Call Recording.

  • Email Notifications.

  • Call Queuing.

  • Call Parking.

  • Call Forwarding.

  • Tailored Call bundles.

Why Acre Technologies?

  • Professional Installation – Cabling, Unit Installation, and Setup, all handled expertly.

  • Continued and Responsive Ongoing Support.

  • No nonsense and minimal I.T. Jargon – We'll explain to you exactly what you're getting.

  • Tailored packages means your business isn't paying for services or hardware that isn't needed.

  • Comprehensive Service Contracts with a “No Surprise” approach to spread costs through the business year.

  • We understand that increasing productivity and keeping down cost is important to your business, and our VOIP solutions will meet those needs.

  • Acre is a Registered ISP – we can bundle your phone and internet into one complete communications package.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Acre Technologies are a registered Internet Service Provider. If you're updating your office to utilize VOIP, cloud solutions, or other services with us, you can further consolidate your billing by moving to Fibre with us.

Ultrafast fibre is being rolled out across New Zealand, it's fast and reliable, capable of handling data traffic of a modern business while minimizing bottle necking issues.

Talk to us today and find out how your business can run faster and smoother with Acre Technologies Fibre service.

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No. In almost all instances we can port your existing number to our VOIP Internet Phone systems.

VOIP Internet phones work just like regular phones for calls. Additional productivity features, e.g. call forwarding, diverts, answering, etc, are fairly simple procedures and we can provide easy to follow instructions. In addition, our Tech Support is able to help explain clearly.

VOIP Phones work just like regular phones - you can call standard phones, mobiles, and make overseas calls.

Depending on the functionality you currently have, Acre Technologies' VOIP phone systems will usually be able to give you more features and functionality, for a fraction of the cost of standard phone systems. Simply put, we are confident we can give you more for less.

VOIP provides more for less. Depending on your current setup, VOIP can save you money, and provide more productivity. Do you need specific features that would be significantly higher cost via traditional phone systems? Or do you want to save money, with a system similar to your current setup? Contact us, or fill in the form here to get an initial appraisal, and see how Acre Technologies VOIP can help your business.

Acre Technologies VOIP Packages are complete solutions. We will take care of the hardware, setup, installation, and ongoing support. We will tailor the package specifically to your needs, and should you need more features, we can adjust the system to include these.

Almost always, no.
VOIP Internet Phone Systems require hardware that interface with your Network. Also, Acre Technologies is committed to providing the best customer experience, and insist on quality hardware that will not fail the systems we put in place.
While Acre Technologies is not tied to one specific manufacturer (meaning our loyalty is to our clients and not our providers) we have preferred manufacturers who have built a track record of quality equipment and service.