I.T. Support for Businesses

Acre Technologies provide fully managed I.T services, ad hoc services and everything in between. Pick and Mix the I.T., Cloud, Web and telephony services you need. Enjoy the benefits of working with an award winning team who treat your business as they would their own.

Acre Technologies are an award winning provider of I.T services for businesses across New Zealand. Our flexible, open, and honest way of doing business means we retain satisfied clients who we build long term relationships with. We've been in the business of supporting businesses since 2005.

Our engineers are experienced cross platform engineers who understand how to keep your business running smoothly. We listen to our customers and respond to their needs offering them the best service and value for money.

Our client base includes Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Trade, Charities and Non-Profit organisations.

  • VOIP
  • Fibre
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Websites
  • Workstation support
  • Server maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Software development
  • Branding
  • Advanced Planning

Managed Service Provider

We offer Managed Support packages with service level agreements for businesses of all sizes.

Signing up to a service contract gives you peace of mind that the I.T in your business is being looked after by conscientious professionals who treat your business as they would their own. Regular planned maintenance means less surprise outages and consequently less costly downtime for your business. Contact us for a free, no obligation I.T consultation and quote.

The Process

Acre Technologies start with a full consultation and discussion, getting to know your business and its requirements. We then scope, spec and cost the best solution for the client, while maintaining the best price to performance ratios to deliver the most cost-effective solutions.


Business Communication

Acting as the I.T manager, our team provide clear communication on all things I.T, finding and presenting opportunities to the business owner either via reports or meetings.

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Apps for Business - Email, Calendar

Email, Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets, and more. We are Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 partners. As such, we advised on the solution that best fitted the business needs. We then set it up , add and remove users as required and provide user support for the client to get the best out of their apps.

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Remote Monitoring

Each device has our remote monitoring software installed. This software monitors device health and reports any issues to us so that we can remedy them before they become critical and cause downtime.

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ADrive - Cloud Server management

Seamless syncing of cloud drives - we map it to act like a local hard drive on your office computers, when in fact you are accessing a centralized file repository stored and backed up in the cloud.

This equals a performance boost in faster file retrieval from a centralized file repository that multiple users can access - in layman's terms, it acts like a hard drive that team members can access simultaneously from any location where there is internet. Its also easy to lock down areas to different users and control who sees and edits files.

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Data Backup

Your business data is arguably its most valuable asset. We provide backup solutions and regularly test to see that the data is intact and fully restorable. In the event of a disaster we can get the business back up and running FAST.

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Fibre and VOIP

Fibre and VOIP Telephony packages that are scalable. As a business grows we can add more minutes, more phones, more lines ... Billing can be to one site or across multiple branches.

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Hardware supply and installation

We keep hardware current and provide the business owner with a list of what needs replacing and when. Being aware of when devices are reaching end of life helps the business owner budget for replacements.

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We build and manage business websites. We also write bespoke web apps to fit the needs of business clients. With over a decade of experience we host, build, and manage 100's of websites. Our talented coders can provide solutions from e-commerce to quoting systems.

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